Tote Exchange

Welcome to the Tote Exchange where you can sign up to secretly knit and exchange a bag / tote / purse that is knit or knit & felted. The exchange is now closed to new participants, but please remember to post each month with your progress. All participants should receive their package by July 21, 2006.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Remove me please

Remove me to please, house cleaning is starting asap & I want to clean up the house & the blog.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another Angel Blessing

Thank you so much to the angel who took the time to make sure I had a beautiful bag! I absolutely love it and have had a lot of jealous eyes staring at it :)! I had a good time doing this exchange, and I want to thank the hostesses and angels who came through to help out making sure no one was left out of the exchange. Thank you again!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Thank you to my Tote Angel!

I never received my bag so the Tote Angels swooped in & blessed me with this gorgeous Starfish Bag! Thanks so much to my Angel Holly---the bag is lovely & I appreciate your efforts so very much!! xoxoxox

Monday, August 21, 2006

I've Been Blessed by An Angel!

I am one who was waiting and waiting and my bag never arrived, so our lovely swap hostesses made sure that an angel was called in to send me a bag. I just want to say that my Angel, Kimberly, is awesome. She knit me a fabulous tote bag, which I may have to fight with my 17-year-old-Diva daughter in order to have a turn to use it.

Thanks to Kimberly, for making me such a lovely bag, and thanks again to our extraordinary hostesses. I'm really looking forward to the next swap.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Bag Arrived!

My beautiful, wonderful bag arrived today and I am so excited. I am the lucky recipient of Joanna's (Brahdelt) bag. I just loved it when she posted it and even went to her blog and got the pattern hoping to make it myself one of these days. But I didn't have to!!! She made it for me. It came all the way from Poland - how cool is that? It was accompanied by a wonderful smelling candle (the bag now smells like that too :-), her favorite milk candies and some yummy tea. All the writing on the boxes is in Polish and it is just so fun to have these different things. Poor Joanna sent the bag 7 weeks ago and has been stressing that it was lost. That would have been such a tragedy since it is such a wonderful bag. I can tell you it is well worth the wait and I am so thrilled. THANK YOU to my wonderful pal!

Monday, August 14, 2006

International Tote Exchange II

Sharon's answers to questionnaire
1. Name and blogger id: Sharon from Farmersville, Ca 2. Blog URL: 3. Do you want a purse that is felted/not felted/surprise me: What ever you would like to do? Surprises are nice! 4. Color/fiber likes and dislikes: I like the color Rust. I like Black and Something even with Fall Colors. Like fall leaves. 5. Do you tend to be dressy or casual? Casual 6. Prefer a pal who lives in the same country/is international? I don't have a preference. Last time I got one from Judy in Australia...and my bag was awesome she knitted me. 7. Miscellaneous info (anything you want to tell your pal):
I enjoy knitting as a hobby and I love meeting people.
I am very easy going and appreciate homemade gifts.
I love unique .

Friday, August 11, 2006

Final Notice

There are still some of you who have not received your bags from Tote Exchange I. The hostesses are doing everything they can to track down your bags or line up angels to fill in. Although we are starting Tote Exchange II, we are going to continue to help those of you who are still waiting for your first bags.

Although we have been actively emailing those members with status updates, feel free to check again via the gmail account if you're not sure of the status. It is terribly disappointing to get "stiffed" and we are doing all we can to avoid that outcome.

Thank you Hostesses!!!

Before Tote Exchange II kicks into gear I want to send a big thank you to the hostesses of Tote Exchange I. All of your hard work made this a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for us participants. This is the first exchange I've participated in and I was very impressed. Thank you for being so generous with your time and energy to make this a successful exchange!

International Tote Exchange II

It's time to kickoff International Tote Exchange II. This exchange will include the exchange of a hand-knit or crocheted bag which may be felted or not. If you're interested in joining, read the rules at International Tote Exchange II and if still interested, send an email to toteexchangehostesses @ gmail . com (no spaces, of course!) that includes:

your name
online nickname (if applicable, i.e. Kim in NJ)
e-mail address
street address
phone number
blog address (if applicable)

This information will only be available to the Hostesses and your
Secret Pal. We will then send you an invitation to join the blog. Once
you have joined, you need to complete the questionnaire and post it on
the blog. Signups will close on August 25, 2006 and all totes must be
delivered by October 31, 2006.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you will join in the
fun. TOTE ON!